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Air Domes

We have a long and proud history of successful projects and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

What are Air Domes?

Air domes are fully supported by internal air pressure which is created using purpose built industrial fans. This delivers an attractive internal environment unencumbered by any structural support.

Air domes are a cost effective alternative to traditional building and are transformational for the utilisation of artificial pitches.  Our domes have a life expectancy greater than 20 years and can be designed for erection on year round, or purely seasonal basis. 

Air domes are made with the highest quality PVC fabric which is held in place by a pressure frame and an attractive, stabilising cable net system.  This system has proved to protect the domes in extreme weather and is currently used in over 600 domes throughout Europe.

Rocklyn domes can be remotely monitored and controlled with options for heating and LED lighting.  These combine to deliver very low running costs.

Why choose Rocklyn?

  • Our experience will help to create bespoke solutions to exactly fit customer requirements
  • We invest time to assist our customers throughout their project and have the resources to coordinate all aspects of it
  • We are renowned for our after sales service and attention to these ‘live’ buildings
  • We benefit from being part of a large, successful and strong group of companies that share our ambitions allowing us to offer market leading warranties and confidence to our customers that we can honour them.

Dome system currently being used in over 600 domes throughout Europe

Advantages of using a dome

  • Short lead time for manufacture and installation
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional building with low running costs
  • Year round use of facilities
  • Designed for deflation and removal on a seasonal basis
  • Remotely monitored and controlled environment with options for heating and LED lighting




Air domes are very commonly used in a sporting context. The internal space generated allows for protection against the unpredictable weather conditions and creates an entirely consistent playing environment. This has been demonstrated to dramatically change the utilisation of sporting facilities during winter months, helping to maintain memberships and offer value to the members.

The domes are very commonly used for football, tennis, GAA, athletics and all types of athletic training. The domes are all manufactured specifically to customer requirements and therefore adaptable in terms of size, height, colours, and materials. The Rocklyn team has a long history of designing and specifying domes which help our customers to ensure their dome is exactly fit for purpose.

Commercial / Industrial

Commercial / Industrial

The lead times for manufacture and installation of domes is short. In combination with the potential to cover vast spaces they are increasingly being used in many commercial and industrial settings, from storage to refugee shelters.

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