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Fabric Structures

Rocklyn fixed fabric structures are a versatile, robust solution that can be tailored to precise customer requirements. These flexible buildings not only offer savings on traditional building methods, they are also easily extendable, can have open sides and use translucent fabric.

These structures have a short lead time for manufacture and install and are suitable for a variety of applications including indoor sport facilities, aircraft hangars, storage, industrial purposes, concert venues and conference facilities.

Who we've worked with


Ellesmere College, an independent co-educational boarding school in Shropshire, has a long history of academic and sporting success. Ellesmere is rightfully proud to offer a comprehensive range of extra curricular activities via high quality facilities. It was therefore natural for them to want the highest quality tennis facilities for their academy.

Working with the College, Rocklyn specified, designed and installed a Veldeman fabric structure. The structure was designed to have openable sides that allows free air flow and natural light during summer months and can be closed during bad weather or winter. The 4 court facility has been a success for the School and also, when not being used by the school, a benefit to the local community.


Fixed fabric structures offer an efficient and easily installed alternative to traditional build solutions. They can be designed for bespoke projects or can be procured in 'off the shelf’ designs. Rocklyn can help specify buildings that fully satisfy requirements and offer solutions that will fit within budgets.

  • Size

    Fixed structures can comfortably cover football pitches with clear span structures. The modular design allows for any length to be accommodated.

  • Training 24/7

    Rocklyn fabric structures help protect playing surfaces and players from unpredictable weather. This helps maximise the utilisation of facilities and offers consistent conditions 365 days a year. Low energy LED lighting solutions can further enhance this utilisation.

  • Natural Lighting

    Rocklyn fixed fabric structures can use translucent fabric, allowing natural light to illuminate the field and save costs on internal lighting. There is a further option to have openable sides which allows natural ventilation and a connection to the outside elements.

  • Multi-Use

    The fixed fabric structure can be used for many different sporting purposes. In addition the use of fabric structures is well established for temporary accommodation and is increasingly being used in a commercial setting, such as warehousing, manufacturing, showrooms and relief venues.

  • Durability

    Rocklyn fixed fabric structures have an expected useful life of more than 30 years. These building require very low levels of ongoing maintenance but can be easily fixed or refreshed should there be a requirement.

  • Flexibility

    Rocklyn can design each structure so that it can be expanded or even moved if required. This elegantly accommodates changing needs in a most efficient way.

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Veldeman Structure

Rocklyn uses the well respected Veldeman system ( for standard fabric structures. This system has been successfully used in hundreds of sporting and non sporting settings across Europe.

Veldeman is well-renowned when it comes to delivering premium sport structures. Rocklyn can offer bespoke solutions which meet specific needs, including LED lighting, removeable side walls, heating and insulation.

14 Capelle

Bespoke Structures

Rocklyn can manufacture and install fabric structures to bespoke designs. This can range from simple padel courts to design led, one off, eye catching structures. Rocklyn can deliver a design and build solution for such structures or simply deliver the fabric element.


Rocklyn Structures Football


The Rocklyn team has installed fixed fabric structures for professional and amateur football teams across the UK & Europe for pitches and training facilities of all sizes.

Tennis application


Rocklyn has built fixed fabric structures over new and existing tennis courts for elite tennis clubs and academies, leisure/community facilities, and private and public schools.

Padel tennis

Padel Tennis

Padel is the fastest growing sport and benefits from being sheltered from both the sun and inclement weather. Rocklyn can provide a cost effective solution which increases the utilisation of the facility and improves the user experience.

Rocklyn Structures Commercial Storage


Rocklyn fixed fabric structures can provide quick turn around solutions for storage requirements. A fabric solution is ideal where a flexible solution is required for the short and longer term. An additional attraction is the ability to expand the capacity as required and even relocate as required.

Industrial Use


Fabric structures are regularly used where additional manufacturing facilities or bulk storage is required. The use of translucent material reduces the reliance on lighting further adding to the efficiency of these solutions.

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What our clients say

The installation by Rocklyn Sports of such a high quality Indoor Tennis facility at Ellesmere College can do nothing but add great value to the sports provision here at college. The Tennis Hall is a high quality, highly valued addition to our facilities and sets Ellesmere somewhat apart from similar educational establishments.

Brendan Wignall - Headmaster (1996-Present)

Working with the Rocklyn Sports staff and management has been a smooth operation. We at College were clear in what we wanted from our indoor tennis facility and Rocklyn listened, complied & innovated where required throughout. No hesitation in recommending Rocklyn Indoor Tennis Halls to other Colleges & Schools in our Woodard Foundation Group

Mike McCarthy - Director of Operations