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About Rocklyn

Starting life as an engineering business, the focus of the company changed as the market for fabric structures started to gather pace. Rocklyn is now primarily focused in this area and enjoys a market-leading reputation throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Rocklyn’s resources, experience and expertise have been developed through the evolution of fabric structures. We are proud of the numerous structures that we have built and the positive impact that these have had for their owners.

In 2019, Rocklyn was purchased by McLaughlin & Harvey. This relationship has given us the platform to further develop our fabric structure business and to enhance our reach and access to specialist expertise across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Why Rocklyn?

Rocklyn has been in business for over 20 years and has the experience, expertise and reach to help make your project a success.

  • Experience

    Rocklyn has been a pioneer in all-purpose fixed fabric structures for more than two decades and is now part of one of the UK and Ireland’s largest construction companies.

  • Quality

    Rocklyn’s quality has been recognised by a UK SAPCA award. The systems used by Rocklyn are robust, tried and tested and have been used in more than a dozen countries.

  • Bespoke

    Rocklyn can design and build complete fixed fabric space solutions including planning support, associated groundworks, M&E and hybrid and traditional building works.

  • Resources

    Rocklyn can offer immediate access to significant complementary resources including design, civil engineering and technical teams within McLaughlin and Harvey and can supply a wide range of engineered products across multiple locations.

  • Sustainable

    Rocklyn is committed to providing sustainable systems that reduce a projects carbon footprint. Where possible, Rocklyn will incorporate sustainable elements within your processes and projects.

  • Reliable

    Rocklyn is a strong believers in after-care and will always be available if your project requires further attention or you have any questions for our expert team.

Meet the Team

Project Coordinator

Leeanne Balmer

Commercial Manager

Gareth Howe

Managing Director

John Kernohan

Trainee Project Manager

Patrick McCormick


Tobias Zoeggeler

R1 0476
Sales Manager

Brian Loughridge

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