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Fixed Fabric StructuresFixed Fabric Structures

Installing the market leading Veldeman system for fixed structures across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fixed Fabric Structures

Rocklyn use the market leading Veldeman system for fixed structures.  These structures present an aesthetically attractive and cost effective alternative to traditional build options. 

The flexibility of the structure allows them to be effectively used across a wide variety of sectors including leisure, industrial, conference facilities, concert venues, sporting and education.

There is a wide range of versatile styles that can be tailored to customer requirements. These can include vast span widths, openable sides, heating, air handling and the utilisation of natural light.

These structures have a short lead time for manufacture and install. They are manufactured using the latest technology and techniques and using market leading PVC fabric. This delivers a 25 year plus life expectancy.

Why choose Rocklyn?

  • Our experience will help to create bespoke solutions to exactly fit customer requirements
  • We invest time to assist our customers through their project and have the resources to coordinate all aspects of it
  • We are renowned for our after sales service
  • We benefit from being part of a large, successful and strong group of companies that share our ambitions

Rocklyn use the market leading Veldeman system for fixed structure

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